Exploring the role of Kӧlliker-Fuse nucleus in breathing variability via mathematical modeling (John et al., 2023)

We explore the dynamics of Kӧlliker-Fuse nucleus (KF), which is involved in regulating normal breathing, controlling active abdominal expiration during increased ventilation, and is also known to play a role in the development of breathing abnormalities associated with Rett syndrome (RTT). We present reduced computational models of the respiratory core neurons along with the KF unit that simulate both normal and RTT-like breathing patterns. These models provide a general framework for understanding KF dynamics and potential network interactions.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Region(s) or Organism(s): Brainstem

Cell Type(s): PreBotzinger complex neuron; Respiratory column neuron

Currents: I K; I Na,p

Receptors: 5-HT1; Gaba


Transmitters: Gaba; Serotonin

Model Concept(s): Respiratory control

Simulation Environment: MATLAB; XPPAUT


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