Cortico - Basal Ganglia Loop (Mulcahy et al 2020)

The model represents learning and reversal tasks and shows performance in control, Parkinsonian and Huntington disease conditions

Model Type: Connectionist Network

Region(s) or Organism(s): Prefrontal cortex (PFC); Basal ganglia

Cell Type(s): Abstract rate-based neuron

Model Concept(s): Rate-coding model neurons; Parkinson's; Activity Patterns; Learning; Deep brain stimulation; Oscillations; Action Selection/Decision Making; Huntington's

Simulation Environment: MATLAB


Mulcahy G, Atwood B, Kuznetsov A. (2020). Basal ganglia role in learning rewarded actions and executing previously learned choices: Healthy and diseased states. PloS one. 15 [PubMed]

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