Somatodendritic consistency check for temporal feature segmentation (Asabuki & Fukai 2020)

"The brain identifies potentially salient features within continuous information streams to process hierarchical temporal events. This requires the compression of information streams, for which effective computational principles are yet to be explored. Backpropagating action potentials can induce synaptic plasticity in the dendrites of cortical pyramidal neurons. By analogy with this effect, we model a self-supervising process that increases the similarity between dendritic and somatic activities where the somatic activity is normalized by a running average. We further show that a family of networks composed of the two-compartment neurons performs a surprisingly wide variety of complex unsupervised learning tasks, including chunking of temporal sequences and the source separation of mixed correlated signals. ..."

Model Type: Dendrite

Model Concept(s): Learning; Simplified Models; Synaptic Plasticity

Simulation Environment: Python


Asabuki T, Fukai T. (2020). Somatodendritic consistency check for temporal feature segmentation. Nature communications. 11 [PubMed]

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