Neuromechanical Model of Rat Hindlimb Walking with Two-Layer CPGs (Deng et al, 2019)

A neuromechanical model of the rat hindlimb and locomotor circuitry built and run in AnimatLab v1. We use separate rhythm generators and pattern formation layers to activate antagonistic muscle pairs about each joint in the sagittal plane. The model replicates the resetting and non-resetting deletions observed in the animal.

Model Type: Neuromuscular Junction

Region(s) or Organism(s): Mouse; Spinal motoneuron

Cell Type(s): Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

Currents: I Calcium

Model Concept(s): Motor control; Temporal Pattern Generation

Simulation Environment: AnimatLab v1


Deng K et al. (2019). Neuromechanical model of rat hindlimb walking with two-layer CPGs Biomimetics (Basel, Switzerland). 4 [PubMed]

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