Relating anatomical and biophysical properties to motoneuron excitabilty (Moustafa et al. 2023)

Nonlinear dynamical analysis of spinal motoneuron reveals effects of SK, CaL channels, and cell morphology on excitability, with implications for pathophysiology of ALS.

Region(s) or Organism(s): Spinal motoneuron

Currents: I L high threshold; I Calcium; I K,Ca; I Sodium; I Na,p; I Potassium; IK Skca; I N

Model Concept(s): Bifurcation; Excitability; Simplified Models

Simulation Environment: NEURON; XPPAUT

Implementer(s): Muhammad Moustafa; Mohamed H Mousa


Moustafa M, Mousa MH, Saad MS, Basha T, Elbasiouny SM. (2023). Bifurcation analysis of motoneuronal excitability mechanisms under normal and ALS conditions Frontiers in cellular neuroscience. 17 [PubMed]

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