Biochemical Systems Theory Model of TNFa related pathways (Sasidharakurup and Diwakar 2020)

"In this study, a computational model of AD and PD have been modelled using biochemical systems theory, and shows how Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha (TNFa) regulated neuroinflammation, oxidative stress and insulin pathways can dysregulate its downstream signalling cascade that lead to neurodegeneration observed in AD and PD. The experimental data for initial conditions for this model and validation of the model was based on data reported in literature. In simulations, elevations in the aggregations of major proteins involved in the pathology of AD and PD including amyloid beta, alpha synuclein, tau have been modelled. Abnormal aggregation of these proteins and hyperphosphorylation of tau were observed in the model"

Model Type: Molecular Network

Model Concept(s): Apoptosis; Aging/Alzheimer`s; Parkinson's

Simulation Environment: CellDesigner

Implementer(s): Sasidharakurup, Hemalatha [hemalathas at]; Diwakar, Shyam [shyam at]


Sasidharakurup H, Diwakar S. (2020). Computational modelling of TNFa related pathways regulated by neuroinflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance in neurodegeneration Applied Network Science. 5

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