Markov models of SCN1A (NaV1.1) applied to abnormal gating and epilepsy (Clancy and Kass 2004)

"Recently, some forms of idiopathic epilepsy have been causally related to genetic mutations in neuronal ion channels. To understand disease mechanisms, it is crucial to understand how a gene defect can disrupt channel gating, which in turn can affect complex cellular dynamic processes. We develop a theoretical Markovian model of the neuronal Na+ channel NaV1.1 to explore and explain gating mechanisms underlying cellular excitability and physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of abnormal neuronal excitability in the context of epilepsy. ..."

Model Type: Channel/Receptor

Currents: I Na,t

Genes: Nav1.1 SCN1A

Model Concept(s): Ion Channel Kinetics; Epilepsy; Markov-type model

Simulation Environment: C or C++ program

Implementer(s): Clancy, Colleen E [ceclancy at]


Clancy CE, Kass RS. (2004). Theoretical investigation of the neuronal Na+ channel SCN1A: abnormal gating and epilepsy. Biophysical journal. 86 [PubMed]

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