Simulation Environment: SpiNNaker

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"SpiNNaker is a massively parallel, low power, neuromorphic supercomputer currently being built at Manchester University in the UK. It is designed to model very large, biologically realistic, spiking neural networks in real time. ... The machine is built to mimic the brain's biological structure and behaviour. It will exhibit massive parallelism and resilience to failure of individual components. With over one million cores, and one thousand simulated neurons per core, the machine will be capable of simulating one billion neurons. This equates to just over 1% of the human brain's 85 billion neurons. Rather than implement one particular algorithm, SpiNNaker will be a platform on which different algorithms can be tested. Various types of neural networks can be designed and run on the machine, thus simulating different kinds of neurons and connectivity patterns. SpiNNaker is a contrived acronym derived from Spiking Neural Network Architecture."
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