Simulation Environment: KInNeSS (web link to model)

KInNeSS is a KDE Integrated NeuroSimulation Software. Integration here means that ideally you can do different projects, like visual system, auditory system or memory system within one framework. ... KInNeSS is built so that YOU can easily add components for your projects, and I will gladly help you with whatever resources I can spare. SANNDRA is Synchronous Artificial Neuronal Networks Distributed Runtime Algorithm. ... It is singled out into a separate distribution, since it appears quite useful as standalone library. It simply takes your (or mine) equations and integrates them. ... It also contains a membrane equation and many of its standard components so you do not have to rewrite it.
Top authors for KInNeSS (web link to model):
Top concepts studied with KInNeSS (web link to model):
Top neurons studied with KInNeSS (web link to model):
Top currents studied with KInNeSS (web link to model):
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