Two-cell inhibitory network bursting dynamics captured in a one-dimensional map (Matveev et al 2007)

" ... Here we describe a simple method that allows us to investigate the existence and stability of anti-phase bursting solutions in a network of two spiking neurons, each possessing a T-type calcium current and coupled by reciprocal inhibition. We derive a one-dimensional map which fully characterizes the genesis and regulation of anti-phase bursting arising from the interaction of the T-current properties with the properties of synaptic inhibition. ..."

Model Type: Realistic Network

Currents: I T low threshold

Model Concept(s): Bursting; Oscillations

Simulation Environment: MATLAB (web link to model)


Matveev V, Bose A, Nadim F. (2007). Capturing the bursting dynamics of a two-cell inhibitory network using a one-dimensional map. Journal of computational neuroscience. 23 [PubMed]

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