A multilayer cortical model to study seizure propagation across microdomains (Basu et al. 2015)

A realistic neural network was used to simulate a region of neocortex to obtain extracellular LFPs from ‘virtual micro-electrodes’ and produce test data for comparison with multisite microelectrode recordings. A model was implemented in the GENESIS neurosimulator. A simulated region of cortex was represented by layers 2/3, 5/6 (interneurons and pyramidal cells) and layer 4 stelate cells, spaced at 25 µm in each horizontal direction. Pyramidal cells received AMPA and NMDA inputs from neighboring cells at the basal and apical dendrites. The LFP data was generated by simulating 16-site electrode array with the help of ‘efield’ objects arranged at the predetermined positions with respect to the surface of the simulated network. The LFP for the model is derived from a weighted average of the current sources summed over all cellular compartments. Cell models were taken from from Traub et al. (2005) J Neurophysiol 93(4):2194-232.

Model Type: Realistic Network

Region(s) or Organism(s): Neocortex

Cell Type(s): Neocortex U1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell; Neocortex U1 L5B pyramidal pyramidal tract GLU cell; Thalamus reticular nucleus GABA cell; Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron; Neocortex spiking regular (RS) neuron; Neocortex layer 2-3 interneuron; Neocortex layer 5 interneuron

Currents: I Na,p; I Na,t; I K; I A; I M; I h; I K,Ca; I A, slow; I L high threshold; I T low threshold; I Calcium

Receptors: AMPA; GabaA; NMDA

Transmitters: Glutamate; Gaba; Amino Acids

Model Concept(s): Activity Patterns; Epilepsy

Simulation Environment: GENESIS

Implementer(s): Anderson, WS ; Kudela, Pawel


Basu I, Kudela P, Korzeniewska A, Franaszczuk PJ, Anderson WS. (2015). A study of the dynamics of seizure propagation across micro domains in the vicinity of the seizure onset zone. Journal of neural engineering. 12 [PubMed]

Basu I, Kudela P, Anderson WS. (2014). Determination of seizure propagation across microdomains using spectral measures of causality. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference. 2014 [PubMed]

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