Norns - Neural Network Studio (Visser & Van Gils 2014)

The Norns - Neural Network Studio is a software package for designing, simulation and analyzing networks of spiking neurons. It consists of three parts: 1. "Urd": a Matlab frontend with high-level functions for quickly defining networks 2. "Verdandi": an optimized C++ simulation environment which runs the simulation defined by Urd 3. "Skuld": an advanced Matlab graphical user interface (GUI) for visual inspection of simulated data.

Model Type: Realistic Network; Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse

Cell Type(s): Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron; Abstract Izhikevich neuron

Model Concept(s): Bursting; Oscillations; Simplified Models; Detailed Neuronal Models; Tutorial/Teaching; Action Potentials; Methods; Delay; Rebound firing

Simulation Environment: C or C++ program; MATLAB; Norns - Neural Net Studio

Implementer(s): Visser, Sid [sid.visser at]


Visser S, van Gils SA. (2014). Lumping Izhikevich neurons EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics. 25(12)

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