Model Concept: Tutorial/Teaching

The model is intended for pedagogical purposes.

  1. A cardiac cell simulator (Puglisi and Bers 2001), applied to the QT interval (Busjahn et al 2004)
  2. Activity dependent changes in motoneurones (Dai Y et al 2002, Gardiner et al 2002)
  3. Analyzing neural time series data theory and practice (Cohen 2014)
  4. Artificial neuron model (Izhikevich 2003, 2004, 2007)
  5. Auditory cortex layer IV network model (Beeman 2013)
  6. Calculating the consequences of left-shifted Nav channel activity in sick cells (Joos et al 2018)
  7. Cerebellar purkinje cell (De Schutter and Bower 1994)
  8. Discrete event simulation in the NEURON environment (Hines and Carnevale 2004)
  9. Effect of trp-like current on APs during exposure to sinusoidal voltage (Chen et al. 2010)
  10. Leech heart interneuron network model (Hill et al 2001, 2002)
  11. LGNcircuit: Minimal LGN network model of temporal processing of visual input (Norheim et al. 2012)
  12. Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience (Ermentrout and Terman 2010)
  13. Mathematics for Neuroscientists (Gabbiani and Cox 2010)
  14. MATLAB for brain and cognitive scientists (Cohen 2017)
  15. MyFirstNEURON (Houweling, Sejnowski 1997)
  16. Neuronal morphology goes digital ... (Parekh & Ascoli 2013)
  17. Neuronify: An Educational Simulator for Neural Circuits (Dragly et al 2017)
  18. Norns - Neural Network Studio (Visser & Van Gils 2014)
  19. Prediction for the presence of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels in myelinated central axons (Brown 2003)
  20. Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience (Book) (Sterratt et al. 2011)
  21. Reconstrucing sleep dynamics with data assimilation (Sedigh-Sarvestani et al., 2012)
  22. Software for teaching neurophysiology of neuronal circuits (Grisham et al. 2008)
  23. Software for teaching the Hodgkin-Huxley model (Hernandez & Zurek 2013) (SENB written in NEURON hoc)
  24. Spatial gridding and temporal accuracy in NEURON (Hines and Carnevale 2001)
  25. Spinal Motor Neuron (Dodge, Cooley 1973)
  26. Thalamic neuron: Modeling rhythmic neuronal activity (Meuth et al. 2005)
  27. Thalamic Reticular Network (Destexhe et al 1994)
  28. The cannula artifact (Chandler & Hodgkin 1965)
  29. Tutorial: Using NEURON for Neuromechanical Simulations (Fietkiewicz et al., 2023)
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