Model Concept: Facilitation

The fractional increase in amplitude of a second stimulation as a function of the time interval between the succesive stimuli. Thought to be caused by a (presynaptic) increase in the number of released quanta.

  1. A kinetic model unifying presynaptic short-term facilitation and depression (Lee et al. 2009)
  2. A model of ASIC1a and synaptic cleft pH modulating wind-up in wide dynamic range neurons (Delrocq)
  3. A network model of tail withdrawal in Aplysia (White et al 1993)
  4. Adaptation of Short-Term Plasticity parameters (Esposito et al. 2015)
  5. Amyloid-beta effects on release probability and integration at CA3-CA1 synapses (Romani et al. 2013)
  6. Burst induced synaptic plasticity in Apysia sensorimotor neurons (Phares et al 2003)
  7. Elementary mechanisms producing facilitation of Cav2.1 (P/Q-type) channels
  8. Facilitation by residual calcium (Stockbridge, Hines 1982)
  9. Facilitation model based on bound Ca2+ (Matveev et al. 2006)
  10. Facilitation through buffer saturation (Matveev et al. 2004)
  11. Homosynaptic plasticity in the tail withdrawal circuit (TWC) of Aplysia (Baxter and Byrne 2006)
  12. Leech Mechanosensory Neurons: Synaptic Facilitation by Reflected APs (Baccus 1998)
  13. Network bursts in cultured NN result from different adaptive mechanisms (Masquelier & Deco 2013)
  14. New and corrected simulations of synaptic facilitation (Matveev et al. 2002)
  15. Presynaptic calcium dynamics at neuromuscular junction (Stockbridge, Moore 1984)
  16. Short term plasticity of synapses onto V1 layer 2/3 pyramidal neuron (Varela et al 1997)
  17. STDP and BDNF in CA1 spines (Solinas et al. 2019)
  18. Stochastic LTP/LTD conditioning of a synapse (Migliore and Lansky 1999)
  19. Synaptic plasticity: pyramid->pyr and pyr->interneuron (Tsodyks et al 1998)
  20. Synaptic transmission at the calyx of Held (Graham et al 2001)
  21. Transmitter release and Ca diffusion models (Yamada and Zucker 1992)
  22. Two forms of synaptic depression by neuromodulation of presynaptic Ca2+ channels (Burke et al 2018)
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