Model Concept: Invertebrate

Cell or neural network models that are related to, or derived from experiments with invertebrates (animals without a spine).

  1. A model of the femur-tibia control system in stick insects (Stein et al. 2008)
  2. A network model of tail withdrawal in Aplysia (White et al 1993)
  3. A single compartment model of Drosophila motor neuron (Megwa et al 2023)
  4. Burst induced synaptic plasticity in Apysia sensorimotor neurons (Phares et al 2003)
  5. Bursting activity of neuron R15 in Aplysia (Canavier et al 1991, Butera et al 1995)
  6. C elegans pharynx simulation (Avery and Shtonda 2003)
  7. Caffeine-induced electrical oscillations in Aplysia neurons (Komendantov, Kononenko 2000)
  8. Classic model of the Tritonia Swim CPG (Getting, 1989)
  9. Cold-Temperature Coding with Bursting and Spiking Based on TRP Channel Dynamics in Drosophila Larva Sensory Neurons (Maksymchuk, N., A. Sakurai, D.N. Cox, and G.S. Cymbalyuk, 2023)
  10. Comparing correlation responses to motion estimation models (Salazar-Gatzimas et al. 2016)
  11. Computational Model of a Central Pattern Generator (Cataldo et al 2006)
  12. Computational model of the distributed representation of operant reward memory (Costa et al. 2020)
  13. Continuous lateral oscillations as a mechanism for taxis in Drosophila larvae (Wystrach et al 2016)
  14. Data-driven, HH-type model of the lateral pyloric (LP) cell in the STG (Nowotny et al. 2008)
  15. Deterministic chaos in a mathematical model of a snail neuron (Komendantov and Kononenko 1996)
  16. Differences between type A and B photoreceptors (Blackwell 2006)
  17. Drosophila projection neuron electrotonic structure (Gouwens and Wilson 2009)
  18. Drosophila T4 neuron (Gruntman et al 2018)
  19. Effects of Acetyl-L-carnitine on neural transmission (Lombardo et al 2004)
  20. Enhanced Excitability in Hermissenda: modulation by 5-HT (Cai et al 2003)
  21. Escape response latency in the Giant Fiber System of Drosophila melanogastor (Augustin et al 2019)
  22. Half-center oscillator database of leech heart interneuron model (Doloc-Mihu & Calabrese 2011)
  23. How BK and SK channels benefit early vision (Li X et al 2019)
  24. Hyperpolarization-activated inward current and dynamic range of electrical synapse (Stein et al '22)
  25. I A in Kenyon cells resemble Shaker currents (Pelz et al 1999)
  26. Interaction of leak and IMI conductance on the STG over broad temperature range (Stadele et al 2015)
  27. Kenyon cells in the honeybee (Wustenberg et al 2004)
  28. Leech heart interneuron network model (Hill et al 2001, 2002)
  29. Leech Mechanosensory Neurons: Synaptic Facilitation by Reflected APs (Baccus 1998)
  30. LP neuron model database (Zang and Marder 2023)
  31. Minimal cell model (Av-Ron et al 1991)
  32. Model of peristalsis in the dorsal blood vessel of Lumbriculus variegatus (Halfmann and Crisp 2011)
  33. Modeling interactions in Aplysia neuron R15 (Yu et al 2004)
  34. Morris-Lecar model of the barnacle giant muscle fiber (Morris, Lecar 1981)
  35. Multifunctional control of feeding in Aplysia (Webster-Wood et al. 2020)
  36. Multiple modes of a conditional neural oscillator (Epstein, Marder 1990)
  37. Neural Interactome: interactive simulation of a neuronal system (Kim et al 2019)
  38. Optimal synaptic assignment for locomotory behavior in C. elegans (Rakowski & Karbowski 2017)
  39. Paired turbulence and light effect on calcium increase in Hermissenda (Blackwell 2004)
  40. Regulation of a slow STG rhythm (Nadim et al 1998)
  41. S cell network (Moss et al 2005)
  42. Serotonergic modulation of Aplysia sensory neurons (Baxter et al 1999)
  43. Sloppy morphological tuning in identified neurons of the crustacean STG (Otopalik et al 2017)
  44. Spike propagation and bouton activation in terminal arborizations (Luscher, Shiner 1990)
  45. Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (LabAXON)
  46. Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (NEURON)
  47. Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (SBML, XPP, other)
  48. Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (SNNAP)
  49. Synaptic integration of an identified nonspiking interneuron in crayfish (Takashima et al 2006)
  50. Touch Sensory Cells (T Cells) of the Leech (Cataldo et al. 2004) (Scuri et al. 2007)
  51. Transient and Steady-State Properties of Drosophila Sensory Neurons Coding Noxious Cold Temperature; (Maksymchuk, N., Sakurai, A., Cox, D. N., & Cymbalyuk, G. 2022)
  52. Updated Tritonia Swim CPG (Calin-Jagemann et al. 2007)
  53. Vertical System (VS) tangential cells network model (Trousdale et al. 2014)
  54. Vibration-sensitive Honeybee interneurons (Ai et al 2017)
  55. Voltage-gated conductances can counteract filtering effect of membrane capacitance (Heras et al '16)
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