Brain Region/Organism: Drosophila

  1. A single compartment model of Drosophila motor neuron (Megwa et al 2023)
  2. Accelerating with FlyBrainLab discovery of the functional logic of Drosophila brain (Lazar et al 21)
  3. Cold-Temperature Coding with Bursting and Spiking Based on TRP Channel Dynamics in Drosophila Larva Sensory Neurons (Maksymchuk, N., A. Sakurai, D.N. Cox, and G.S. Cymbalyuk, 2023)
  4. Comparing correlation responses to motion estimation models (Salazar-Gatzimas et al. 2016)
  5. Continuous lateral oscillations as a mechanism for taxis in Drosophila larvae (Wystrach et al 2016)
  6. Drosophila 3rd instar larval aCC motoneuron (Gunay et al. 2015)
  7. Drosophila circadian clock neurone model of essential tremor (Smith et al 2018)
  8. Drosophila lateral ventral clock neuron (LNV) model (Smith et al 2019)
  9. Drosophila projection neuron electrotonic structure (Gouwens and Wilson 2009)
  10. Drosophila T4 neuron (Gruntman et al 2018)
  11. Escape response latency in the Giant Fiber System of Drosophila melanogastor (Augustin et al 2019)
  12. Feature integration drives probabilistic behavior in Fly escape response (von Reyn et al 2017)
  13. Fly lobular plate VS cell (Borst and Haag 1996, et al. 1997, et al. 1999)
  14. Generation of stable heading representations in diverse visual scenes (Kim et al 2019)
  15. How BK and SK channels benefit early vision (Li X et al 2019)
  16. Reichardt Model for Motion Detection in the Fly Visual System (Tuthill et al, 2011)
  17. Transient and Steady-State Properties of Drosophila Sensory Neurons Coding Noxious Cold Temperature; (Maksymchuk, N., Sakurai, A., Cox, D. N., & Cymbalyuk, G. 2022)
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