Models based on a paper by Bertram R

  1. A model for early afterdepolarizations in the cardiomyocyte action potential (Kimrey et al., 2022)
  2. A phantom bursting mechanism for episodic bursting (Bertram et al 2008)
  3. BK Channels Promote Bursting in Pituitary Cells (Tabak et al 2011)
  4. Bursting in dopamine neurons (Li YX et al 1996)
  5. Ca2+ current versus Ca2+ channel cooperativity of exocytosis (Matveev et al. 2009)
  6. Endothelin action on pituitary latotrophs (Bertram et al. 2006)
  7. Facilitation model based on bound Ca2+ (Matveev et al. 2006)
  8. Integrated Oscillator Model for pancreatic islet beta-cells (Marinelli et al., 2022)
  9. Low dose of dopamine may stimulate prolactin secretion by increasing K currents (Tabak et al. 2006)
  10. Mixed mode oscillations as a mechanism for pseudo-plateau bursting (Vo et al. 2010)
  11. Model for pancreatic beta-cells (Law et al. 2020)
  12. Model for pancreatic beta-cells with two isoforms of PFK (Marinelli et al., 2022)
  13. Model for pusatile insulin secretion at basal levels of glucose (Fletcher et al, 2022)
  14. Network dynamics of electrically coupled pituitary cells (Fazli and Bertram, 2022)
  15. Oxytocin and VIP involvement in prolactin secretion (Egli et al. 2004,2006, Bertram et al. 2006)
  16. Stochastic model for pituitary corticotrophs (Duncan et al., 2022)
  17. The dynamics underlying pseudo-plateau bursting in a pituitary cell model (Teka et al. 2011)
  18. The relationship between two fast/slow analysis techniques for bursting oscill. (Teka et al. 2012)
  19. Understanding how fast activating K+ channels promote bursting in pituitary cells (Vo et al 2014)
  20. Universal feature of developing networks (Tabak et al 2010)
  21. Universal feature of developing networks (Tabak et al 2010) (CellML)
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