Models implemented by Hines, Michael [Michael.Hines at]

  1. 3D model of the olfactory bulb (Migliore et al. 2014)
  2. Action potential initiation in the olfactory mitral cell (Shen et al 1999)
  3. Arteriolar networks: Spread of potential (Crane et al 2001)
  4. Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) NEURON
  5. Cell splitting in neural networks extends strong scaling (Hines et al. 2008)
  6. Conduction in uniform myelinated axons (Moore et al 1978)
  7. Current flow during PAP in squid axon at diameter change (Joyner et al 1980)
  8. Demyelinated and remyelinating axon conductances (Hines, Shrager 1991)
  9. Discrete event simulation in the NEURON environment (Hines and Carnevale 2004)
  10. Enhancing the HH eqs: simulations based on the first publication in Biophys J (Moore 2015)
  11. Ephaptic interactions in olfactory nerve (Bokil et al 2001)
  12. Facilitation by residual calcium (Stockbridge, Hines 1982)
  13. Gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks (Wang, Buzsaki 1996)
  14. Large scale model of the olfactory bulb (Yu et al., 2013)
  15. Local variable time step method (Lytton, Hines 2005)
  16. Model of arrhythmias in a cardiac cells network (Casaleggio et al. 2014)
  17. Myelinated axon conduction velocity (Brill et al 1977)
  18. NEURON + Python (Hines et al. 2009)
  19. Nerve terminal currents at lizard neuromuscular junction (Lindgren, Moore 1989)
  20. Networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategies (Brette et al. 2007)
  21. Olfactory Mitral cell: AP initiation modes (Chen et al 2002)
  22. Olfactory bulb cluster formation (Migliore et al. 2010)
  23. Parallel network simulations with NEURON (Migliore et al 2006)
  24. Parallel odor processing by mitral and middle tufted cells in the OB (Cavarretta et al 2016, 2018)
  25. Presynaptic calcium dynamics at neuromuscular junction (Stockbridge, Moore 1984)
  26. Salamander retinal ganglion cell: ion channels (Fohlmeister, Miller 1997)
  27. Site of impulse initiation in a neuron (Moore et al 1983)
  28. Sodium potassium ATPase pump (Chapman et al. 1983)
  29. Spatial gridding and temporal accuracy in NEURON (Hines and Carnevale 2001)
  30. Spike exchange methods for a Blue Gene/P supercomputer (Hines et al., 2011)
  31. Spinal Motor Neuron (Dodge, Cooley 1973)
  32. Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (NEURON)
  33. T-type Calcium currents (McRory et al 2001)
  34. Temperature-Sensitive conduction at axon branch points (Westerfield et al 1978)
  35. The cannula artifact (Chandler & Hodgkin 1965)
  36. Translating network models to parallel hardware in NEURON (Hines and Carnevale 2008)
  37. Visual Cortex Neurons: Dendritic computations (Archie, Mel 2000)
  38. Xenopus Myelinated Neuron (Frankenhaeuser, Huxley 1964)
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