Model Concept: Olfaction

Olfaction is the process of smelling: molecules binding to olfactory receptors produces electrical activity in nervous systems.

  1. 2D model of olfactory bulb gamma oscillations (Li and Cleland 2017)
  2. 3D model of the olfactory bulb (Migliore et al. 2014)
  3. 3D olfactory bulb: operators (Migliore et al, 2015)
  4. A model of antennal lobe of bee (Chen JY et al. 2015)
  5. A network of AOB mitral cells that produces infra-slow bursting (Zylbertal et al. 2017)
  6. A theory of ongoing activity in V1 (Goldberg et al 2004)
  7. A two-layer biophysical olfactory bulb model of cholinergic neuromodulation (Li and Cleland 2013)
  8. ACh modulation in olfactory bulb and piriform cortex (de Almeida et al. 2013;Devore S, et al. 2014)
  9. Action potential initiation in the olfactory mitral cell (Shen et al 1999)
  10. AOB mitral cell: persistent activity without feedback (Zylbertal et al., 2015)
  11. Calcium and potassium currents of olfactory bulb juxtaglomerular cells (Masurkar and Chen 2011)
  12. Compartmental model of a mitral cell (Popovic et al. 2005)
  13. Competition model of pheromone ratio detection (Zavada et al. 2011)
  14. Computing with neural synchrony (Brette 2012)
  15. Continuum model of tubulin-driven neurite elongation (Graham et al 2006)
  16. Cortex learning models (Weber at al. 2006, Weber and Triesch, 2006, Weber and Wermter 2006/7)
  17. Cortical Layer 5b pyr. cell with [Na+]i mechanisms, from Hay et al 2011 (Zylbertal et al 2017)
  18. Dendro-dendritic synaptic circuit (Shepherd Brayton 1979)
  19. Distinct current modules shape cellular dynamics in model neurons (Alturki et al 2016)
  20. Dynamical model of olfactory bulb mitral cell (Rubin, Cleland 2006)
  21. Effect of polysynaptic facilitaiton between piriform-hippocampal network stages (Trieu et al 2015)
  22. Emergence of Connectivity Motifs in Networks of Model Neurons (Vasilaki, Giugliano 2014)
  23. Ephaptic interactions in olfactory nerve (Bokil et al 2001)
  24. Functional structure of mitral cell dendritic tuft (Djurisic et al. 2008)
  25. Gamma-beta alternation in the olfactory bulb (David, Fourcaud-Trocmé et al., 2015)
  26. Granule Cells of the Olfactory Bulb (Simoes_De_Souza et al. 2014)
  27. Honey bee receptor and antennal lobe model (Chan et al 2018)
  28. Hopfield and Brody model (Hopfield, Brody 2000)
  29. Infraslow intrinsic rhythmogenesis in a subset of AOB projection neurons (Gorin et al 2016)
  30. Kenyon cells in the honeybee (Wustenberg et al 2004)
  31. Large scale model of the olfactory bulb (Yu et al., 2013)
  32. Lateral dendrodenditic inhibition in the Olfactory Bulb (David et al. 2008)
  33. Locust olfactory network with GGN and full KC population in the mushroom body (Ray et al 2020)
  34. Mitral cell activity gating by respiration and inhibition in an olfactory bulb NN (Short et al 2016)
  35. Model for concentration invariant odor coding based on primacy hypothesis (Wilson et al 2017)
  36. Model of calcium oscillations in olfactory cilia (Reidl et al. 2006)
  37. Model of repetitive firing in Grueneberg ganglion olfactory neurons (Liu et al., 2012)
  38. Multiscale model of olfactory receptor neuron in mouse (Dougherty 2009)
  39. Na+ Signals in olfactory bulb neurons (granule cell model) (Ona-Jodar et al. 2017)
  40. Neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb controlled by top-down input (Adams et al 2018)
  41. Odor supported place cell model and goal navigation in rodents (Kulvicius et al. 2008)
  42. Olfactory bulb cluster formation (Migliore et al. 2010)
  43. Olfactory bulb granule cell: effects of odor deprivation (Saghatelyan et al 2005)
  44. Olfactory bulb juxtaglomerular models (Carey et al., 2015)
  45. Olfactory bulb microcircuits model with dual-layer inhibition (Gilra & Bhalla 2015)
  46. Olfactory bulb mitral and granule cell column formation (Migliore et al. 2007)
  47. Olfactory bulb mitral and granule cell: dendrodendritic microcircuits (Migliore and Shepherd 2008)
  48. Olfactory bulb mitral cell gap junction NN model: burst firing and synchrony (O`Connor et al. 2012)
  49. Olfactory bulb mitral cell: synchronization by gap junctions (Migliore et al 2005)
  50. Olfactory Bulb mitral-granule network generates beta oscillations (Osinski & Kay 2016)
  51. Olfactory Bulb Network (Davison et al 2003)
  52. Olfactory bulb network model of gamma oscillations (Bathellier et al. 2006; Lagier et al. 2007)
  53. Olfactory bulb network: neurogenetic restructuring and odor decorrelation (Chow et al. 2012)
  54. Olfactory Computations in Mitral-Granule cell circuits (Migliore & McTavish 2013)
  55. Olfactory Mitral Cell (Bhalla, Bower 1993)
  56. Olfactory Mitral Cell (Davison et al 2000)
  57. Olfactory Mitral cell: AP initiation modes (Chen et al 2002)
  58. Olfactory Mitral Cell: I-A and I-K currents (Wang et al 1996)
  59. Olfactory Periglomerular Cells: I-h kinetics (Cadetti, Belluzzi 2001)
  60. Olfactory receptor neuron model (Dougherty et al 2005)
  61. Online learning model of olfactory bulb external plexiform layer network (Imam & Cleland 2020)
  62. Oscillation and coding in a proposed NN model of insect olfaction (Horcholle-Bossavit et al. 2007)
  63. Parallel odor processing by mitral and middle tufted cells in the OB (Cavarretta et al 2016, 2018)
  64. Scaling self-organizing maps to model large cortical networks (Bednar et al 2004)
  65. Self-organized olfactory pattern recognition (Kaplan & Lansner 2014)
  66. Simulations of oscillations in piriform cortex (Wilson & Bower 1992)
  67. Single compartment Dorsal Lateral Medium Spiny Neuron w/ NMDA and AMPA (Biddell and Johnson 2013)
  68. Stochastic model of the olfactory cilium transduction and adaptation (Antunes et al 2014)
  69. Synchrony by synapse location (McTavish et al. 2012)
  70. Theoretical reconstrucion of field potentials and dendrodendritic synaptic...(Rall & Shepherd 1968)
  71. Understanding odor information segregation in the olfactory bulb by MC/TCs (Polese et al. 2014)
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