Model Concept: Sleep

These models study the slow waves associated with sleep. Neural networks oscillate between down states of hyperpolarized cells with little activity to up states of depolarized cells with frequent bursts. The period of oscillation ranges from 0.5 to 10 seconds in different species and preparations.

  1. A biophysical model of thalamocortical network switching under propofol (Soplata et al., 2023)
  2. A single column thalamocortical network model (Traub et al 2005)
  3. A unified thalamic model of multiple distinct oscillations (Li, Henriquez and Fröhlich 2017)
  4. Ave. neuron model for slow-wave sleep in cortex Tatsuki 2016 Yoshida 2018 Rasmussen 2017 (all et al)
  5. CA1 pyramidal cells, basket cells, ripples (Malerba et al 2016)
  6. Code to calc. spike-trig. ave (STA) conduct. from Vm (Pospischil et al. 2007, Rudolph et al. 2007)
  7. Collection of simulated data from a thalamocortical network model (Glabska, Chintaluri, Wojcik 2017)
  8. Dynamic cortical interlaminar interactions (Carracedo et al. 2013)
  9. Dynamics in random NNs with multiple neuron subtypes (Pena et al 2018, Tomov et al 2014, 2016)
  10. Dynamics of sleep oscillations coupled to brain temperature on multiple scales (Csernai et al 2019)
  11. Feedforward network undergoing Up-state-mediated plasticity (Gonzalez-Rueda et al. 2018)
  12. Human sleep-wake regulatory network model (Gleit et al 2013, Booth et al 2017)
  13. Human sleep/wake cycle (Rempe et al. 2010)
  14. Large cortex model with map-based neurons (Rulkov et al 2004)
  15. Model of the hippocampus over the sleep-wake cycle using Hodgkin-Huxley neurons (Aussel et al 2018)
  16. Multiple dynamical modes of thalamic relay neurons (Wang XJ 1994)
  17. MyFirstNEURON (Houweling, Sejnowski 1997)
  18. Neural mass model of spindle generation in the isolated thalamus (Schellenberger Costa et al. 2016)
  19. Neural mass model of the neocortex under sleep regulation (Costa et al 2016)
  20. Neural mass model of the sleeping cortex (Weigenand et al 2014)
  21. Neural mass model of the sleeping thalamocortical system (Schellenberger Costa et al 2016)
  22. Quantitative model of sleep-wake dynamics (Phillips & Robinson 2007)
  23. Reconstrucing sleep dynamics with data assimilation (Sedigh-Sarvestani et al., 2012)
  24. Sleep deprivation in the ascending arousal system (Phillips & Robinson 2008)
  25. Sleep-wake transitions in corticothalamic system (Bazhenov et al 2002)
  26. Spike burst-pause dynamics of Purkinje cells regulate sensorimotor adaptation (Luque et al 2019)
  27. Spiking neuron model of the basal ganglia (Humphries et al 2006)
  28. Thalamic Reticular Network (Destexhe et al 1994)
  29. Thalamocortical and Thalamic Reticular Network (Destexhe et al 1996)
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