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Abstract Hindmarsh-Rose neuron

Abstract Izhikevich neuron

Abstract Morris-Lecar neuron

Abstract Rulkov-Bazhenov map neurons

Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron

Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron

Abstract integrate-and-fire fractional leaky neuron

Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron

Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron with dendritic subunits

Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron with exponential post-synaptic current

Abstract integrate-and-fire neuron

Abstract quadratic integrate-and-fire

Abstract rate-based neuron

Abstract single compartment conductance based cell

Abstract theta neuron

Antennal lobe olfactory projection neuron (insect)

Aplysia B31/B32 neuron

Aplysia R15 bursting neuron

Aplysia cultured neuron

Aplysia feeding CPG neurons

Aplysia interneuron

Aplysia motor neuron

Aplysia sensory neuron

Arteriolar network


Auditory nerve

B lymphocyte

Barrel cortex L2/3 pyramidal cell

Brainstem neuron

C elegans AWCon

C elegans Hermaphrodite-Specific neuron (HSN)

C elegans VC motor neuron

C elegans motor neuron RMD

C elegans uterine-vulval cell (uv1)

CN stellate cell

Cardiac atrial cell

Cardiac ventricular cell

Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell

Cerebellum deep nucleus neuron

Cerebellum golgi cell

Cerebellum interneuron Golgi GABA cell

Cerebellum interneuron granule GLU cell

Cerebellum interneuron stellate GABA cell

Cochlea hair inner GLU cell

Cochlea hair outer GLU cell

Cochlear ganglion cell Type II

Cochlear nucleus bushy GLU cell

Cochlear nucleus octopus GLU cell

Cochlear nucleus pyramidal/fusiform GLU cell

Crayfish identified nonspiking interneuron

Crayfish motor neuron

Dentate gyrus HIPP cell

Dentate gyrus MOPP cell

Dentate gyrus basket cell

Dentate gyrus granule GLU cell

Dentate gyrus hilar cell

Dentate gyrus mossy cell

Depressor scutorum rostralis muscle cell

Dopamine neuron of vlPAG/DRN

Dopaminergic substantia nigra neuron

Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) cell

Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: Spinal cord muscle spindle type II sensory fiber

Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: Spinal cord muscle spindle type Ia sensory fiber

Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: cold sensing

Drosophila antennal lobe DM1 projection neuron

Drosophila dendritic arborization neurons

Drosophila ventral lateral neuron (LNV)

ELL Medium Ganglion cell

ELL pyramidal cell

Earthworm medial giant fiber

Electric fish P- and T-type primary afferent fibers

Electric fish midbrain torus semicircularis neuron

Entorhinal cortex fast-spiking interneuron

Entorhinal cortex pyramidal cell

Entorhinal cortex stellate cell

Fly lamina neuron

Fly lobula plate T4 neuron

Fly lobular plate vertical system cell

Fly medulla neuron

Fly vertical system tangential cell

Gastrointestinal tract intrinsic sensory neuron

Globus pallidus neuron

Globus pallidus principal GABA cell

GnRH neuron

Grueneberg ganglion neuron

Heart cell

Helix pacemaker bursting neuron (RPa1)

Hermissenda photoreceptor Type A

Hermissenda photoreceptor Type B

Hippocampal CA1 CR/VIP cell

Hippocampus CA1 PV+ fast-firing interneuron

Hippocampus CA1 axo-axonic cell

Hippocampus CA1 basket cell

Hippocampus CA1 basket cell - CCK/VIP

Hippocampus CA1 bistratified cell

Hippocampus CA1 interneuron basket GABA cell

Hippocampus CA1 interneuron oriens alveus GABA cell

Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell

Hippocampus CA1 stratum oriens lacunosum-moleculare interneuron

Hippocampus CA1 stratum radiatum interneuron

Hippocampus CA3 axo-axonic cells

Hippocampus CA3 interneuron basket GABA cell

Hippocampus CA3 interneuron oriens alveus GABA cell

Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal GLU cell

Hippocampus CA3 stratum oriens lacunosum-moleculare interneuron

Hippocampus CA3 stratum radiatum lacunosum-moleculare interneuron

Hippocampus CA4 pyramidal GLU cell

Hippocampus dissociated neuron

Hippocampus septum medial GABAergic neuron

Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

Honeybee kenyon cell

Hypoglossal motor neuron

Inferior olive neuron

Insect photoreceptor

Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)

Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) cell

Leech C interneuron

Leech Retzius neuron

Leech S cell

Leech T segmental sensory neuron

Leech heart interneuron

Leech heart motor neuron (HE)

Leech pressure (P) mechanosensory neuron

Locus Coeruleus neuron

Locus ceruleus principal NE cell

Locust Giant GABAergic Neuron (GGN)

Locust Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD) neuron


Mauthner cell

Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body (MNTB) neuron

Medial Superior Olive (MSO) cell


Multi-timescale adaptive threshold non-resetting leaky integrate and fire

Myelinated neuron

Myenteric interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCMY)

NG108-15 neuronal cell

Neocortex L2/3 pyramidal GLU cell

Neocortex L5/6 pyramidal GLU cell

Neocortex M1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell

Neocortex M1 L4 stellate GLU cell

Neocortex M1 L5B pyramidal pyramidal tract GLU cell

Neocortex M1 L6 pyramidal corticothalamic GLU cell

Neocortex M1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell

Neocortex M1 interneuron bipolar VIP/CR GABA cell

Neocortex M1 interneuron chandelier SOM GABA cell

Neocortex U1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell

Neocortex U1 L4 stellate GLU cell

Neocortex U1 L5B pyramidal pyramidal tract GLU cell

Neocortex U1 L6 pyramidal corticalthalamic GLU cell

Neocortex U1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell

Neocortex U1 interneuron bipolar VIP/CR GABA cell

Neocortex U1 interneuron chandelier SOM GABA cell

Neocortex V1 L4 stellate GLU cell

Neocortex V1 L5B pyramidal pyramidal tract GLU cell

Neocortex V1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell

Neocortex V1 interneuron bipolar VIP/CR GABA cell

Neocortex V1 interneuron chandelier SOM GABA cell

Neocortex bitufted interneuron

Neocortex deep neurogliaform interneuron

Neocortex dissociated cultured nerve cell

Neocortex fast spiking (FS) interneuron

Neocortex layer 2-3 interneuron

Neocortex layer 4 interneuron

Neocortex layer 4 neuron

Neocortex layer 4 pyramidal cell

Neocortex layer 5 interneuron

Neocortex layer 5 pyramidal cell

Neocortex layer 6a interneuron

Neocortex primary motor area pyramidal layer 5 corticospinal cell

Neocortex spiking irregular interneuron

Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron

Neocortex spiking regular (RS) neuron

Neocortex spiny stellate cell

Neocortex superficial neurogliaform interneuron

Neostriatum fast spiking interneuron

Neostriatum interneuron ACh cell

Neostriatum interneuron SOM/NOS GABA cell

Neostriatum interneuron gaba/parvalbumin GABA cell

Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell

Neostriatum medium spiny indirect pathway GABA cell

Neostriatum spiny neuron


Nucleus accumbens spiny projection neuron

Nucleus laminaris neuron

Olfactory bulb (accessory) mitral cell

Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule MC GABA cell

Olfactory bulb main interneuron granule TC GABA cell

Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular GABA cell

Olfactory bulb main interneuron tufted external GABA cell

Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell

Olfactory bulb main mitral GLU cell

Olfactory bulb main tufted cell external

Olfactory bulb main tufted middle GLU cell

Olfactory bulb short axon cell

Olfactory bulb short axon deep GABA cell

Olfactory receptor GLU cell

Pancreatic Beta Cell

Pinsky-Rinzel CA1/3 pyramidal cell

Piriform cortex anterior interneuron deep layer GABA cell

Piriform cortex anterior interneuron layer II GABA cell

Piriform cortex anterior interneuron superficial GABA cell

Piriform cortex anterior pyramidal deep GLU cell

Piriform cortex anterior pyramidal layer II GLU cell

Piriform cortex anterior semilunar GLU cell

Piriform cortex posterior interneuron deep GABA cell

Piriform cortex posterior interneuron layer ll GABA cell

Piriform cortex posterior interneuron superficial GABA cell

Piriform cortex posterior pyramidal deep GLU cell

Piriform cortex posterior pyramidal layer II GLU cell

Piriform cortex posterior semilunar GLU cell

Pituitary cell

PreBotzinger complex neuron

Raphe nuclei principal 5HT cell

Respiratory column neuron

Retina amacrine ACh cell

Retina amacrine cell

Retina bipolar GLU cell

Retina ganglion GLU cell

Retina horizontal GABA cell

Retina horizontal cell

Retina photoreceptor cone GLU cell

Retina photoreceptor rod GLU cell

Septum principal ACh cell

Skeletal muscle cell

Spinal cord Ia interneuron

Spinal cord Ib interneuron

Spinal cord lamina I neuron

Spinal cord lamina I-III interneuron

Spinal cord lumbar Interneuron 1a GLY cell

Spinal cord lumbar motor neuron alpha ACh cell

Spinal cord lumbar motor neuron gamma ACh cell

Spinal cord motor neuron fast fatiguing

Spinal cord motor neuron fatigue resistant

Spinal cord motor neuron slow twitch

Spinal cord renshaw cell

Spinal cord sympathetic preganglionic neuron

Spinal lamprey neuron

Squid axon

Stick insect nonspiking interneuron

Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Gastric Mill (GM) cell

Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Lateral Gastric (LG) cell

Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Lateral Pyloric (LP) cell

Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) Modulatory commissural neuron 1 (MCN1)

Stomatogastric Ganglion (STG) interneuron 1 (Int1)

Stomatogastric ganglion (STG) pyloric dilator (PD) neuron

Stomatogastric ganglion (STG) pyloric neuron

Striatal projection neuron

Substantia nigra pars compacta DA cell

Substantia nigra pars reticulata principal GABA cell

Subthalamic nucleus principal GABA cell

Subthalamus nucleus projection neuron

Superior paraolivary nucleus neuron

Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) neuron

Teleost thalamic neuron

Thalamus DLM projection neuron

Thalamus geniculate nucleus/lateral principal GLU cell

Thalamus lateral geniculate nucleus interneuron

Thalamus reticular nucleus GABA cell

Tritonia cerebral cell

Tritonia swim interneuron dorsal

Tritonia swim interneuron ventral

Turtle dorsal cortex horizontal cell

Turtle dorsal cortex lateral pyramidal cell

Turtle dorsal cortex medial pyramidal cell

Turtle dorsal cortex stellate cell

Turtle dorsal cortex subpial cell

Turtle vestibular neuron

Urinary Bladder small-diameter DRG neuron

Ventral cochlear nucleus T stellate (chopper) neuron

Ventral tegmental area GABA neuron

Ventral tegmental area dopamine neuron

Vestibular neuron

Vestibular nucleus neuron

Vestibular organ hair GLU cell

Vibrissa motoneuron

Vibrissa motor plant

Wide dynamic range neuron

Zebra Finch RA projection neuron

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